Our Mission

To provide superior gas springs with state-of-the-art design and impeccable quality at competitive prices and to lead the industry in helping customers find solutions to improve their operations.

Company Profile

Founded by a world-class motorcycle components manufacturer with over 30 years experience, JETWAY Hi-Tech Inc. was established to provide expertise in the field of gas springs.

JETWAY began by providing parts for Japanese motorcycle manufacturers in Asia and the U.S. Since that time, we have gained a reputation for quality, innovation and customer service. To meet global industry needs, we have developed and expanded plants and production lines to serve our worldwide customers.

JETWAY's expansion reflects both the continued growth in the gas spring industry and our commitment to continuous improvement. To maintain our reputation, we have invested heavily in advanced CNC machinery to support the most up-to-date manufacturing in the field of metalworking.

JETWAY designs every product to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our unique designs always target the next generation and beyond. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services, innovative designs, and a high level of customer service.

Important Events Technology Team

JETWAY is committed to producing superior products and has developed a team of experts that includes several PhDs from the US with backgrounds in engineering. These dedicated professionals are spearheading our R&D efforts along with business development professionals with backgrounds in marketing and business administration. With a highly automated integrated computer system in our factories, our experts and technicians apply our industrial know-how to increase productivity and achieve our goal of delivering outstanding quality products. JETWAY is committed to be a leading supplier of gas springs worldwide.

JETWAY strives to hire and train the best people. As a result, our highly trained technology team delivers innovative and superior solutions for the design, manufacturing and production of gas springs. We are proud that many of our production and design staff come from prestigious companies and academic institutions. Using their valuable experience, JETWAY's expert staff produces the best gas springs in the world.

Gas Spring Anatomy
1Release Button
2Control Valve
3Inner Chamber
4Outer Tube
5Plastic Bush
7Outer Chamber
8Inner Tube
9Guide Bush
11Piston Rod
12Ball Bearing Set
Quality Control

JETWAY is committed to maintaining quality leadership in the field of gas springs. Our gas springs are monitored by a very strict quality control system relying heavily on CFM (Continuous Flow Manufacturing) and SPC (Statistical Process Control) systems. Approved to several Certification, JETWAY is the optimum solution for your needs.

JETWAY strives to maintain superior quality both in our products and in our people. Every member of JETWAY's organization is fully committed to quality. Simply put, at JETWAY, quality is everyone's responsibility. As a result, we continuously make improvements in quality and productivity through ongoing training and employee awareness.


Jetway's Competitive Edge

Through our commitment to Research & Development, JETWAY provides the highest level of technical support and breakthrough products that give our gas springs a competitive edge. With continuous research and development, we present our products with the following features:

RELIABLE--Superior Design to avoid gas leaking
DURABLE--Exceptional process to increase durability
STABLE--Unique method to control the piston rod
SMOOTH--Guaranteed quality with reduced friction
ECONOMICAL--Competitive price with the highest quality

As to the durability of the gas springs, we briefly summerize with a comparison plot shown below.

For standard gas springs, after 100 thousand cycles of operations, i.e., extension and compression, the lift force of gas springs will reduce about 10%. For our gas springs, they can be operated up to 450 thousand cycles before the same amount of reduction happens. Jetway's gas springs are at least four times durable than other gas springs of the same type.
Gas Springs

A:Body LengthF:Lift Force
C:Extended LengthKgf:  9.8 N


J.W. A/mm B/mm C/mm φD/mm
Z31AW185S 185 70 - φ46.5
Z31AW215S 215 70 - φ46.5
Z31AW235S 235 70 - φ46.5
Z31AW285S 285 70 - φ46.5
Z31AW385S 385 70 - φ46.5

J.W. A/mm B/mm C/mm φD/mm
Z32AW185S 185 55.5 24.5 φ44.3
Z32AW215S 215 55.5 24.5 φ44.3
Z32AW235S 235 55.5 24.5 φ44.3
Z32AW285S 285 55.5 24.5 φ44.3
Z32AW385S 385 55.5 24.5 φ44.3
Customer Service

JETWAY strives to meet and exceed customer satisfaction through superior customer service and innovated products. Completely satisfying customers by providing best quality products with reliable service plus supplying with best competitive pricing are JETWAY's never changing policy. Exporting to different regions of the world from China to USA, JETWAY delivers customers the best quality with the competitive prices.

JETWAY is committed to simplify the process by finding ways to improve and add value to our customers' products. Responding to the needs of our customers from all over the world, we have developed a strong innovative team. Using modern CNC machinery linked direct to our design department by the latest CAD/CAM systems, production times are kept to a minimum. We ensure the best satisfaction through investing in technology and aiming at continuous quality improvement.

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Contact Information:

Jetway Hi-Tech Inc., Taiwan
Address: 22-5, Chan Pei Pei Lane, Chan Pei Li, Feng Shan City,
Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan 83041
Tel: +886-7-7326608
Fax: +886-7-7311951

URL: http://www.jetwayinc.com
Email: service@jetwayinc.com